About Us

Gimme Food connects consumers with restaurants and farms in their area that serve and sell the type of food that fit their dietary preferences.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Gimme Food matches consumers’ needs with menu ingredients and food items, makes real-time recommendations and allows them to purchase those items directly from retailers.

Consumers save time, find what they are looking for to improve their health and well-being. Restaurants and farms grow their client base and revenue.


We provide consumers with ingredient transparency so they can control what they eat.


Our technology makes life simpler by matching ingredients and food items to consumers’ profile and making it easy to order the items they want.


Out AI engine continually optimizes to match consumers with best options based on their profile, feedback and purchasing habits.

Our story

As vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians, we found it increasingly hard to find local food restaurants and stores that serve and sell food that fit our diets.  We either found that we cannot get the food that we are looking for or we spent hours trying to explain to servers what we could and could not eat.  Through focus groups, we realized that others with even more restrictive diets and allergies were in the world of hurt when looking for new options that served and sold the food that they need. 
We created Gimme Food to make eating out and purchasing of food easy.  What’s more, instead of having to endlessly search for places to eat and shop, we are using our extensive experience in technology and AI to create active suggestions and recommendations based on previously reported preferences, consumer feedback and prior habits.  All in one app!

We are all on the same mission of making life easier, healthier, and more delicious.