About Us

Gimme Food connects customers with food retailers in their area that serve the type of food they need. Customers save time and improve health and well-being. Restaurants and farms grow their client base and revenue.


We strive to provide customers with full ingredient transparency to ensure they gain control of what they eat.


Our technology aims to make life simpler for customers, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest service standards.


We are continuously optimizing our AI engine, to ensure our customers and partners are always using the best technology.

Our story

Eating in your hometown is easy: you’ve tried and tested everything, and know which restaurants serve the type of food you like. When visiting a new place, it’s different. As vegans and pescatarians, we found it increasingly hard to find local restaurants that served food that fit our diet. Restaurant after restaurant didn’t serve the food we needed. Or we spent hours trying to explain to the server what food we could and could not eat. Then, we became to wonder: What about all the people with religious diets, lactose intolerance, allergies, or other restrictive diets?

 And so, thanks to our 20+ year experience in technology and AI, we created the Gimme Food app. The goal? To easily and quickly connect people’s food preferences with meals in local restaurants. Since then, we’ve grown to expand in new markets and have welcomed new people, partner restaurants, and farms on board. 

We are all on the same mission of making life easier, healthier, and more delicious.

Our Team

ivana milojevic

Ivana Milojevic

Founder & CEO

nikola kolevski

Nikola Kolevski

Head of backend

Maja Kojic

Sales manager

Marko Arsić

FE/MOB developer

Nikola Rakic

web designer