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We help you find and buy food that fits your dietary preferences.  Whether you are looking to eat at local restaurants or buy food from local farms, Gimme Food recommends and connects you with the right places to fit your lifestyle. 

Gain control of what you eat

Gimme Food gives you full menu information. Full ingredient transparency.

learn about your eating habits

Discover if you have food allergies. Receive recommendations based on your experience with your meals.

Improve health

Eat healthier meals. Feel better. Prolong your life.


AI engine recommends restaurants & meals based on your food preferences.

gimme food ensures SAFETY DURING COVID-19

It’s important for us to safeguard your health and safety as well as our partners. We only partner with restaurants and farms that ensure safe, contactless payments. Any home deliveries follow all FDI and FHI guidelines.

We make life easier!

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How Gimme Food works

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Insert your food preferences and dietary restrictions. Search for restaurants and farms in the area that offer specialized meals.

Restaurant or farm processes your order. Pick it up, eat at the restaurant, or get it delivered to your address.

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Leave feedback on your energy level, physical and mental state and health after the meal. Discover if you have food allergies and receive recommendations. All based on your experience with your meals.

Eat Healthy!
Feel better!
Prolong your life!

Are you a restaurant or farm?